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"We offer many services including floor and road sawing, hand sawing, ring sawing, demolition and removal of waste and much, much more."

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We offer a large range of premium concrete cutting services that range from floor and road sawing, to demolition and removal.

Our staff are highly educated and pride themselves on providing only the best client service and care.
Our team will guide you through from start to finish, 
giving you all of the information you need on your upcoming project.

With many years of industry experience and a well known reputation for quality work throughout Queensland,
we can guarantee a premium result and cost effective pricing for each and every project we take on

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Our Services

We offer many services including floor and road sawing, hand sawing, ring sawing,
demolition and removal of waste and much, much more.


Road & Floor Sawing

Road sawing is quote a sophisticated process that involves the cutting of horizontal, flat services.

Some of these surfactes can include concrete floors, roads (asphalt), tiles, rocks, decks, cobble stone and reinforced concrete up to 500mm in Depth.

Hand Sawing

Hand sawing involves a portable hand held saw that works well for a lot of smaller jobs and where a floor saw/ road saw is not accessible.

The hand saw is a versatile option that can cut to depths of 150mm. Cutting pipes, concrete slabs, brickwork, doorways and windows.

Demolition & Removal

Our demolition and removal service guarantees removal of slabs and debris by hand or machinery as required.

Demolition and removal involves not only the cutting, but also the removal of concrete, slabs, brickwork, asphalt, tiles, doorways and windows.

Core Drilling

Core drilling is the process in which we drill any diameter hole to your required depth on many surfaces.

Core drilling can be performed on a large range of surfaces including asphalt, brick work, any concrete surfaces  and also reinforced concrete.


Our grinding services generally involve grinding uneven areas, bringing them back to the same height and reduce any potential trip hazards.

Grinding can be performed for many reasons and on many surfaces, such as as removal of paint epoxy and tile glue, slippery surfaces and polished concrete.

Soff Cutting

Soff cutting is a process also known as “early entry sawing”, which is cutting into the concrete while it’s is still fresh and soft.

The process of soff cutting highly reduces the chances of concrete forming any kind of stress cracks due to the internal stress as the slab sets and hardens.

Joint Sealing

The process of joint sealing is also known in the industry as caulking, which involves sealing all of the joints in concrete and pavement surfaces.

Joint sealing / caulking ensures prevention of slabs becoming degraded and unstable due to the entry of surface water getting below the surface.

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