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14May 2018
Brisbane cut concrete
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Concrete Cutting & Removal – How Do They Do It?

For every regular guy, the task of cutting concrete seems to be very daunting. In fact, a few find getting the exact straight cut to be no less than a miracle. But for the Brisbane cut concrete experts, wall sawing, road & floor sawing, scoff cutting, core drilling, demolition etc. is always an easy feat. All thanks to the latest concrete cutting methods and state of the line equipment, experts can easily cut the concrete and make opening for windows, doors, elevators etc. Now, if you are wondering how exactly a Brisbane breaking concrete professional do this gigantic job, then here is it- we are mentioning 4 steps that makes it easier for experts to saw concrete, have a read –

How Experts Cut Concrete in 4 Steps –

  1. To begin with, they layout the area of concrete to be cut using a chalk and a box. The marked area is the area to be cut.
  2. Next they use a circular saw with an abrasive or diamond blade to cut 50.8 mm depth (approx). The chalk line is followed and water is used to reduce dust and keep the blade wet.
  3. When working on a deeper concrete, somewhat about 101.6 mm of depth, they make use of an electric-powered cut-off saw to penetrate to the desired level.
  4. By proceeding slowly, the concrete is cut to the correct depth and desired result is obtained.

So, these are the general steps followed by the major Brisbane removal Concrete experts. Though, one can always use their own approach to deliver premium output. If you need to get concrete cutting or removals solutions in South East Queensland, connect with Hibbo’s Concrete Cutting. They provide the best Civil, Industrial, Commercial and Residential concrete cutting services. To know more, check